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Online Support $ 49

Once a month you'll receive energetically support on a distance for you and your animal

Een keer per maand ontvang je energetische ondersteuning voor jou en jouw dier

Session/ Sessie $149

private 1 on 1session online 

1 op 1 privé sessie voor jou en/ of jouw dier

how does it work

As an Animal Communicator & Healer I use my phsychic abilities to energetically work with you and your animal (s), mostly by just a photo and with owners online via zoom


I'm able to energetically scan your animal, all of his/her systems and describe where in the body blocks and disbalances are and what your animal needs to be happy and healthy again!

Does this work? Yes it does!
Why? Because I am trained to do so.

Before every session we need to identify what the precise problem is you are facing with your animal.

It could be your animal has been adopted,
has experienced severe trauma or has suddenly behaviour and/ or phsycical problems,
or it could be your animal is mirorring subconscious beliefs of you, you are not aware of.

The way I work:
1) with your animal
2) with you on your subconscious core beliefs
3) a combination of you and your animal

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Discovery call/ Kennismaking

Free 30 minute discovery call online to discuss your animal and how to work together

Gratis 30 minuten kennismaking online om jouw dier te bespreken en de beste behandelmethode

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Trajectory/ Traject 3 maanden $499

3 x 60 minute session online  with support for yourself during the sessions

3 x 60 minuten sessie online
met ondersteuning tussen de sessies door


From an early age I made easily and effortlessly contact with animals.
Big, small, pets and livestock.

I felt how they felt, what was bothering them and what they needed to live a happy and healthy life (with you).

Since eighteen years I have dogs myself.

Like children, our animals can mirror us how we think, feel, and act, sometimes subsconscious in your life. My years of experience have taught us that wherever an animal suffers, this very often has to do with the owner and / or members of the pack.

They can have physical, mental and behavioral problems.

You can contact me for: behavioral problems
physical problems
counseling deceased animals



Martina Mezzetti

Panama City Panama
WhatsApp +31641699316 | +50766063835